The Dog & Cat World Summit

Be Well & Happy

Hosted by Dr. Susan Erika Argeres & Chi

A once in a lifetime event which blends the dog and cat worlds with the human world to help us all Be Well & Happy!

Mission Statement

I, Dr. Susan Erika Argeres, will strive to reach as many people and pets as possible to help provide as many tips and ideas for us all to Be Well & Happy.

As medicine evolves, many different opinions and options are emerging. The intention of this Summit is to share helpful tips and information from many different philosophies and perspectives of veterinary medicine to help with your furry family members.

Please note: The opinions expressed in these interviews are those of the individual speakers and not of the Summit's organizers. This Summit is intended for educational purposes only and we cannot diagnose or treat your pet. Please consult your veterinarian for your pet's needs.
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